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Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Hello good people!

One may ask ,What is my Purpose or why do I Exist? Purpose to me starts with a focused mind set! A goal, dream vision or simply being a help to someone else...... It’s Your it - “What you have to go and find for yourself ”! Once found, You should put your all into It ! Dont think or feel like you have to be anything other than yourself, be very confident in who you are and we must know who’s we are. Trust in yourself to know you have the abilities to accomplish anything you set you mind to conquer. We all have gifts

and talents that are within. Purpose was from the beginning of time! We were created to produce purpose. If you are alive right now you have purpose! I’m hearing and seeing many struggling with their purpose and finding who they are in life! A lack of joy, excitement, don’t feel much fulfillment in life, filling stuck, worthless and having no sense of direction from day to day! Theses are examples of feeling like you haven’t found your( IT ) In life! One must change their mindset and thinking pattern to tap into the depts of their purpose! Sometimes you have to lose to Win again , again and again! That is ok my friend, it’s called Life ! Life has brought me many challenges, ups and downs but I was determined to fight and find what would bring me fulfillment, while finding Purpose! We walk in purpose every day ,Whatever you are doing whether it’s big are small is a form of purpose. Do NOT let anyone tell you anything differently! You don’t have to be the smartest or richest to produce purpose. Just a simple smile, saying hello or good morning can brighten someone’s day! That’s a act of purpose. “The word of God let’s us know we were created in his Likeness and Image and everything he created was GOOD!” We reflect the Image of Christ and He’s the light of the world! We must turn our lights on so bright that it changes darkness and brings forth great PURPOSE! Without God in our paths, plans, and destiny we will never have the full joy with fulfillment of our purpose! Something will always lack, if god is not 1st in our lives! From the beginning Purpose was Created from and though him! In this season in my life I’m enjoying the ride of Purpose with God the director of my ship! For I’ve learned to put Him 1st and my Purpose is being fulfilled with love , joy, peace and happiness! My light is on and it’s bimming that I may help someone else find their Purpose! My prayer for you is to find Purpose and Live your best life to the fullness of Gods plan and potential

for your life! He has made everything beautiful in his time! ❤️

Ecclesiastes 3:1

To ever thing there is a Season,and a time to every PURPOSE under the heaven

Inspirationally Yours,

Angelia Clayton Murray

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1 Comment

This is a very good read. I love it. It's so moving and encouraging. I gotta find my IT. Love it. Keep them coming

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